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The System | Inwards Process

How our Inwards Goods Team Works.

One of the things at Embroidery Works that makes us different to our competitors is that we have an Inwards Goods Team. This team checks and books in your stock from your suppliers. These guys are very busy people, processing 70 to 110 deliveries every day. To make sure your job runs smoothly and on time they also check for errors and missed products from the suppliers.

Here is a quick overview of our Inwards Goods Process.

When your stock arrives at Embroidery Works we may or may not have a job in our system to match to, meaning that most of the stock we process is blind – we don’t have your order to check the stock against. Most of the time we will receive a packing slip from the supplier and we check against this.

The things we check for are:

  1. Stock Code
  2. Description
  3. Colour
  4. Counts (see below)

The things we are NOT checking for at this point:

  1. Flaws

The things you need to check when you receive an email back from us:

  1. That the stock matches what you ordered
  2. That the counts are correct
  3. If we have allocated it to a job, that we have allocated it to the right job
  4. Any comments that our Inwards Team have made regarding the delivery

COUNTS - We have 3 types of counts

  1. COMPLETE COUNT : We have gone through the whole order, counted everything individually and we are certain what we have checked in is what we have advised you on the email. This applies to smaller orders under 50 units and orders where we have had no sealed boxes come in from your suppliers.
  2. BOX COUNT : We have counted the loose items and any mixed boxes. If your supplier has sent in sealed boxes we will open the box to ensure the stock is the same description and colour but we have taken the suppliers word for it that the count is correct in the box. With larger orders it becomes physically impossible to count all the stock and remain as responsive as we need to be.
  3. NOT COUNTED : Occasionally we will not get to count an order. It may be coming in and going straight to a machine and there is no time. It may be large and have no sealed boxes to rely on. If you get an email from us saying we have not counted the stock and you wish us to please contact your account manager.

On your inwards email we will clearly state which counting process we have used. We will also tell you if your supplier has supplied a packing slip or not for us to match to.
At this point you may be wondering why we don’t just count everything completely? It's simple really, it comes down to time. We allocate about 10 minutes to each inwards. If we take longer than that we struggle to get all of the stock in and booked in the day it comes. Embroidery Works does not charge for this service and we have no margin in the garment to assume more costs here. If you need a more thorough count done you can contact your account manager to arrange this. Charges may apply depending on the time it takes to do the count.

SPLITS (Charges will apply)

Occasionally you will order 500 items from your supplier and get them to ship it to us where we have to split it into 2 or more orders. This takes us way longer than 10 minutes to do and therefore is not included in this service. Splits charges will be calculated on a time based rate. The best way to avoid these charges is to get the garment supplier to do it as they are performing order splits all day long. Getting them to do it will also avoid any delays!


How do you get the best service from the Embroidery Works Inwards Team?
If you follow our simple guidelines your stock will be booked accurately and efficiently - every time!

  1. Ensure that your supplier puts in a packing slip with the goods so we can check it.
  2. Ensure that your supplier performs any splits before the stock arrives at Embroidery Works.
  3. When you receive an email from the Inwards Team, check it and respond to it if there is anything wrong with the stock or the count.
  4. When a supplier makes an error in your order, tell them. Feedback to them is as crucial to them improving as it is to us.